How Much Does A Turbo Charger Cost?

Diesel Turbocharger
One of the best human inventions, as far as vehicle manufacturing is concerned, is the introduction of turbocharged engines. Vehicle manufacturers are always competing for market share. And as it is with every car enthusiast, one of the top most considerations when buying a vehicle is its performance. A good way to add the much needed horse power is to include a turbocharger, which essentially pushes more air into the cylinders to increase the volume that would be compressed to produce more torque to the crankshaft. In deciding, therefore, which is the best one for your car, you should consider a few things. The one thing that usually comes to mind once you have done your research on compatibility is of course the cost. So this begs the question:

How Much Does A TurboCharger Cost?

There are a number of considerations that make a turbocharger cost the amount it does. As it is diesel engines are the ones that need turbo charging the most, since one of the stages involved in the four stroke cycle is intake of air. Normally your diesel engine would come with an already fitted turbocharger but in case it doesn’t you can always do a little modification on it. For this you will have to visit a specialist automotive engineer to help you decide (there may be a lot of calculations involved). But being an enthusiast, you may do research and find out which one best suit your car and performance needs, and have it fixed. A typical 4L, diesel engine would require a turbocharger that can dispense enough air to the engine, at high revolutions of like 2000+ rpm, to ensure good fuel to air ration mixture. This would cost you about $5000 from an Original Equipment Manufacturer like Toyota for a VX Land cruiser. Now that price should not put you off since it is a rather powerful engine. For smaller engines in the range of 1000 to 2000 cc you can get a turbocharger for about $1000. Considering the overhead costs of modification like manifolds and inter-coolers, and installation, it should come slightly higher.

Petrol engines employ a much smaller turbocharger, or supercharger for that matter since the amount of exhaust gas may be minimal. The price might range in less the less than $1500 for a new one.

Another alternative is to purchase a kit, if you have a broken turbocharger. Due to the nature of their construction, the moving parts get worn out due to friction. A turbo kit can cost you like $200 for almost any size. You will only need to send the charger to be fixed at a reasonable cost, and you will be back to racing the tracks. The only thing you will have to ensure is not to miss an oil change appointment with your mechanic. Also make sure you use the right lubricant, because if you don’t you might end up coughing a lot of money for replacement again.

A not-so-common alternative, if you really are desperate, is to buy a used one that would cost you about half the price. This again would not be a good idea since you don’t know the mileage covered.

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