How Much Does A Turbo Charger Cost?

Diesel Turbocharger
One of the best human inventions, as far as vehicle manufacturing is concerned, is the introduction of turbocharged engines. Vehicle manufacturers are always competing for market share. And as it is with every car enthusiast, one of the top most considerations when buying a vehicle is its performance. A good way to add the much needed horse power is to include a turbocharger, which essentially pushes more air into the cylinders to increase the volume that would be compressed to produce more torque to the crankshaft. In deciding, therefore, which is the best one for your car, you should consider a few things. The one thing that usually comes to mind once you have done your research on compatibility is of course the cost. So this begs the question:
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Top 5 Turbocharged Cars Ever Made

Turbocharged cars are the best of both worlds, and perfect for any type of driver. They are fast, with an exhilarating performance, and they have a high gas efficiency that cannot be competed. Combined, they become super cars that people can’t live without. Since turbocharged cars are becoming more and more popular in the modern world, it’s hard to decide which the best are. That’s why this list was created. Here are the top 5 turbocharged cars for this technological filled world.
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Turbocharger vs Supercharger


Turbocharger Supercharger
All automobile enthusiast are fascinated by the idea of having a car more powerful than the other person on the street. The best way to increase the power output of a car is to equip that car with a bigger engine that burns more fuel and produces greater horsepower, but this approach can be applied only up to a certain limit, because increasing the engine capacity has a serious drawback that it drastically reduces the fuel economy of the car.

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Audi Turbos Explained

Currently, it looks like everyone is trying to do much more while at the same time trying to minimize the resources used. The same applies to the car manufacturing industry. Those looking for cars to buy are looking for something uses little fuel, but still reliable and has lots of power. Car makers have been able to deliver on this by producing a big punch from a small engine through the turbocharged vehicles. For instance, many Audi cars use turbocharged engines this is probably why the brand’s Cars are fun to drive, fuel-efficient and the most popular cars on the roads in this day, age and era.
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Common Turbocharger Damage Causes & Remedies

Turbo DamageTurbochargers are used to optimize combustion and boost a vehicle’s performance. Turbocharged vehicles have an elevated density of air intake, which increases the volumetric efficiency, improves the efficiency of the combustion engine, and increases torque and performance. The construction and function of turbochargers is designed for the service life of the engine. However, high-performance components situated in the exhaust gas system are exposed to multiple risk factors that often contribute to immature failure.

In order for any repairs to be successful, thorough analysis and rectification of the cause must be achieved.
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The Promising Future of Turbos

There was an era when different automobile companies were in a race to increase their engine output by increasing the cubic capacity. Soon the market was flooded with cars that boasted 4, 5 or even six litre naturally aspirated engines. This trend became immensely popular and it gave birth to the muscle cars. Although these engines produced astonishing performance figures, but they were highly inefficient when it came to fuel economy.

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Advantages, Disadvantages, & the Future of the Turbocharger

Advantages of a Turbo
Turbochargers are often associated with high performance cars, race cars and big diesel engines. More often called a turbo, this is a type of forced induction which uses the exhaust gases to add more air back into the combustion chamber. This leads to a significant increase in power output that does not add too much weight to the engine. Compared to a naturally aspirated engine of the same displacement, a turbocharged engine produces more horsepower.
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