Audi Turbos Explained

Currently, it looks like everyone is trying to do much more while at the same time trying to minimize the resources used. The same applies to the car manufacturing industry. Those looking for cars to buy are looking for something uses little fuel, but still reliable and has lots of power. Car makers have been able to deliver on this by producing a big punch from a small engine through the turbocharged vehicles. For instance, many Audi cars use turbocharged engines this is probably why the brand’s Cars are fun to drive, fuel-efficient and the most popular cars on the roads in this day, age and era.

In December 2009 Audi stood the test of time as among the first few manufacturers of luxury cars confident enough to produce a 4-cyl engine within the highly competitive market dominated by 6-cyl engines.

In over fifteen years, the VQ V-6 belonging to Nissan Motors,failed to secure a spot in wards top ten best engines. This probably marked the end of a dynasty where only engines from the brand were regarded as the best and fuel-efficient. In the same year the Audi company introduced a new revised model of Audi AG’S 2.0L TFSI turbocharged 4-cyl engine.The engine had been revised for all Volkswagen, Audi-brand luxury cars, haulers, utility vehicles as well as all Avant S-line. This revision did not only mark the beginning of an Audi dominant dynasty, but it also a ushered in a greatly balanced fuel-efficient I-4 cyl engine.

In A4 sedan driven category, Audi 2.0L turbocharged engine bagged in its fourth consecutive award in the 10 Best Engines and its fifth in the same year. The engine is still considered a seasoned veteran due to its remarkable turnovers. Apart from it, there has never been another engine that bagged in two consecutive awards in a row. Having an experience and a taste is all one needs in order to appreciate the infatuation everyone has with the elegant German carmaker. It is trendy, elegant, practical and magnificent. The optimized turbocharger combined with Audi’s valve lift system makes it the best car any car owner could wish for.

Additionally the engine has an efficient intercooler, twin balance shafts, lower-friction internals, revised electronic controls, variable nozzle charger, 6-hole fuel injectors, variable-length intake manifold and variable valve timing. The many variables are a proof of Audi’s Turbocharged engines flexibility. This is just an example of how Audi’s turbo charged car brands provide the perfect combination of a luxury car sensibility and a sport-car thrill.

Surprisingly enough, Audi has also been developing an electric turbocharger technology. This is set to become a reality with the production of the 2015 Q7 in 2015. Some years back the company tried this with the LMP1 Le Mans racer that used an electric motor instead of the regular exhaust gases however, it did not perform as expected and it was discontinued in favor of a the normal turbo. But now if the reports from Drive are anything to go by, then the 2015 Q7 may be the first Audi vehicle to have an electric turbo charging technology.

Audi was also the first car maker to come up with the outstanding concept of 1.8L turbo I-4 that won the Best Engines award in both 1997 and 2001. Audi deserves more than just a pat on the back for scaling the heights of engine downsizing through turbocharged engines. If you are a believer of dynasties then Audi may be forming one with its peerless turbocharged engine vehicles.

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