Audi A6 3.0 TDI V6 Bi-Turbo Luxury Car

Audi A6 TDIThe Audi V6 Bi-turbo is a solid car with a refined fit-out and design, a reason why it has been labeled as the new bad boy in town. Built with turbodiesel technology, the car has a number of standout features ranging from side sills which are made with a sporty design to an S line exterior package and a rear diffuser insert which is utterly unique.

The Engine

Surprisingly the engine consumes as little as 6.4 liters for every 100 kilometers. Ideally, the fuel consumption threshold for any luxury car lies at 7 liters for every 100 kilometers but the A6 variant has beaten this threshold, enabling users to pay less tax on fuel as they continue to thrive on the comfort of a luxury car.

However, the engine’s performance has the most fascinating mechanics. As suggested by the name, there are two water-cooled turbochargers in a series connection. There is a highly functional switchover valve which channels intercooled air to the smaller turbo while the bigger charger does pre-compression. Right from 2500 rpm, the valve will gradually open and the small charger will delegate most of its workload to the master. At 3500 rpm, the valve is fully open and all the work is then handled by the master charger.

As it races, a common-rail fuel system builds up an approximate 2000 bars of pressure, besides injecting a whooping eight variant amounts of fuel to the cylinder. This is possible due to the intricate electronic controls and sensors with which the system is built. The combined efforts of a Quattro all-wheel drive and the eight-speed Tiptonic Transmission system bring together torque and phenomenal performance, earning the functionality of an extraordinarily fast luxury car.


Apart from the Bi-turbo technology, there is an amazing collection of technological dynamics that have gone into assembling such a prestigious car. For instance, the centre console is fixed with a button, which a driver can press and among between the three options of dynamic, auto and comfort. There is also a multimedia interface with which an experienced driver can develop and individual profile. At the same cost, you will be treated to a multifunctional sports steering wheel, electric front seats which are coated with Milano leather and an MMi retractable screen plus touch pad.


In an idle mode, the distinctive rattle which is expected of a diesel engine cannot be heard. On acceleration, however, there is a fierce growl that exceeds that of a luxury saloon. The A6 BI-TURBO is ideally a mild-mannered car, but onlookers have always been surprised by the amazing sound that it leaves behind as it takes off.

Despite the fuel range being rated at 6 liters for every 100 kilometers, this is very hard to deduce on the road because the limit fluctuates. In a clear motorway, you will notice a drop to 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers, which further shoots to 11 or 13 per 100 kilometers in places with a tight town traffic.

Considering the features of this car and the price for which it goes, the most suitable description would be: an elegant automobile with a collection of technically functional features.

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